Property and Real Estate

“Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.”

The property and real estate sector is a key driving force behind the Australian economy. Standard Law Co has its roots in all things property & real estate. We are guided by our appreciation of the effect that the property market has on each of our lives.

Whilst historically low interest rates may smooth the entry into the property market for many first home buyers, there is increased competition in all property markets. From small residential transactions to tailoring significant commercial investment vehicles, we advise on all aspects of the real estate and property sector.

We are lawyers who specialise in property and real estate transactions.

What we do

Structuring property developments and acquisitions

Purchases and sales of commercial and residential properties and assets

Leasing, including retail shop leasing and negotiations

Property development joint ventures and project management

Subdivisions and amalgamations

Preparing, negotiating and enforcing easements

Establishing community title schemes and building management statements

Put & Call Options

Boundary realignments, encroachments and unregistered encumbrances