Statutory Demands: 2021 Refocus

2020 was an extraordinary year, and the regime of statutory demands was subject to significant legislative intervention by a Federal Government desperate to support small businesses. We've identified three examples that will help outline where and how the statutory demand regime works in 2021. Not sure what a Statutory Demand is? Check the footnote for [...]

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Before purchasing a franchise

So you want to purchase a franchise? It’s often said that franchising is the greatest invention for the creation of wealth since the limited liability corporation. But a lot of people, including those seeking to enter into a market as franchisees, don’t know much about how franchises operate or the framework that they operate [...]

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Testamentary Trusts

Summary To many, trusts may seem abstract and abstruse. Yet, they can be essential in ensuring your assets are protected and appropriately distributed to your love ones after you are gone. This insight looks at testamentary trusts, their benefits and how you can establish one in your will. If you think a testamentary trust [...]

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Is the Electronic Signing of a Contract Valid?

While laws governing electronic signatures have been in force for the past two decades, the use of electronic signatures in conveyancing has only become commonplace in recent times. This insight considers the use of electronic signing in conveyancing, discussing the legal definition of electronic signatures, the validity of electronic signatures, the risks associated with [...]

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